Erik Hinch, One Stop Operator Coordinator; Ensuring the Accessibility of Workforce Resources in West Central Wisconsin

Erik Hinch, One Stop Operator Coordinator; Ensuring the Accessibility of Workforce Resources in West Central Wisconsin Main Photo

5 Jul 2023


Erik Hinch, One Stop Operator Coordinator at Workforce Resource Inc., works to ensure the accessibility of job-seeking resources across West Central Wisconsin. American Job Centers, or One-Stop-Operators, offer several vital job seeking services in a streamlined structure. A partnership of government agencies and community-based organizations, The West Central Wisconsin Job Center System is a network that provides multidimensional support throughout the region.

As One Stop Operator Coordinator, Hinch organizes programs and resources so that job seeking community members can easily find and access key resources across the region. “This work is important because the folks that we’re serving in our community have trouble accessing different programs. Some have transportation issues. There are so many different avenues they have to go through to access services. The One Stop Operator is meant to put all these services under one roof, and have all people work together to increase accessibility for the folks that need it the most.” 

Services Provided at Job Centers; Robust Assistance Readily Available

Through partnerships with other local, state, and federal agencies as well as education and economic development organizations, Job Centers provide critical services that are an integral part of the community fabric. While the staff and services at specific locations vary, Job Center team members can help community members get in touch with the broader Job Center network for the services they need. 

The services of The West Central Wisconsin Job Center System Job are robust, and serve many audiences. Hinch states, “The main services that are provided at each of the Job Centers are workforce resources, and they’re offered at all of the Job Centers here. We run 9 or 10 programs, all focused on job seeking services. There's resume assistance, practice interviews, getting job leads, job fairs. There’s the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), which assists folks with physical or mental barriers with finding employment. There’s veteran services. In a couple of the Job Centers here, we have a small business development center, where folks can look into entrepreneurial options. They can learn to build a business plan, and look at funding resources as well, and things like that.” Because services are plentiful throughout the region, the organization and connection of these services are crucial in keeping the community informed on what’s available.  

One Stop Operators; Ways the Workforce Development Board Provides Opportunity to West Central Wisconsin

As One Stop Operator Coordinator, Hinch promotes partnerships between services and centers, and helps create pathways of communication in Workforce Development Area Region 8. A vital part of the organization, Hinch makes sure the system is working properly so that job seekers in Wisconsin can receive the assistance they need. “The One Stop Operator idea is meant to foster partnerships, make sure there are coordinated services, and make sure people are talking to each other. We want to make sure people know about the Job Centers, people know about what we can do, and that our clients that we serve are able to get a smooth referral between programs and services in the community.”
West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board can assist job seekers in multiple capacities. To learn more about Job Centers or other resources, click here.