West Central Works Offers Hands-On Support for Businesses in West Central Wisconsin

Make West Central Works the first call you make when trying to solve a workforce challenge. With over 90 team members, our organization is the region’s most well-staffed, trained, and funded workforce development organization. We are a conduit for state and federal workforce grants and partner with top local organizations to deliver services.

We’re in the business of developing workforce talent that’s responsive to industry needs. We will come to your location, listen to your needs, offer solutions and make it easy to get started - no red tape involved.

If You Have a Workforce Problem, We Can Solve It.

As a Workforce Development Board, we’re your connection to the public workforce system—a network of federal, state, and local agencies committed to economic growth and workforce development.

Finding Skilled Workers

We can help you navigate the complex recruitment and hiring process with reliable labor market information and insight into industry trends, access to talent pools, and additional information on hiring options and incentives. Direct recruitment support is also available. Visit the Job Center of Wisconsin.

Training and Retaining Your Workforce

Workers01One of our many functions is to help facilitate the partnership between businesses and training providers. We can create custom training programs and help your company save on training costs. These training programs can help your company remain competitive and retain talent.

Rapid Response to Prevent Layoffs or Help People Find New Jobs

Businesses use our programs to help prevent or reduce the number of layoffs. If layoffs are inevitable, our Rapid Response presentations tell workers what resources are available and how we can help them receive additional training, find a new job, and connect with community resources and assistance. Contact us for immediate help.

Removing Barriers to Work

Recent grant programs have provided funds to remove barriers to work, such as a lack of childcare, housing, or remote worker equipment. If your company has identified talent or has current workers facing obstacles, contact us to learn more about these programs.

Additional Programs

In addition to the services above, Job Service staff can provide details and assistance with the following State and Federal programs. These Federal and State programs assist job seekers and support employers.