West Central Works Uses Grant Funds to Benefit Workers & Businesses

West Central Works has over 96 employees dedicated to helping workers and businesses succeed. Our job is to support you and we do it well. If you have a problem - we have a solution.

Here’s the scoop. Over $2 million in federal grant funding is available to make it easier for Wisconsin folks to work at full capacity. For employers, that means we have money to pay for training, subsidize salaries and pay for relocations. For workers, that means we can help you find and keep a job by subsidizing the cost of things that could prevent you from working - like daycare or home internet.

We know that grant funds and government programs can be complicated. That’s why we’re offering to figure it out for you. If you have a challenge you need help solving, contact us. We will find the solution, present it to you and complete the paperwork necessary to make it happen. It’s that easy.

Determining which grants you qualify for can be complicated. That’s why we recommend reaching out to our team to discuss your challenge. Once we understand the situation, we can offer solutions that best fit your needs.

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