Help for HSHS Displaced Workers Now

West Central Works is the local hub for worker support and we are good at what we do. We are dedicated to helping workers find the jobs they need to get back on their feet and have the resources to do so. Several funding sources contribute more than $2 million to help us find you a job. Some of the ways the funding can be applied to help individuals are:

  • Skills training
  • Certificate training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Daycare
  • Housing
  • Home internet
  • Equipment for remote work
  • Technical school

We know navigating the path of finding a new job can be quite challenging, but we are here to help figure it out. We will find the solution, present it to you and complete the paperwork necessary to make it happen.

Job Centers

Call or stop in one of these Job Centers to receive personal assistance:

Dunn County Job Center 
401 Technology Drive East 
Suite 200 (Central Office – Suite 100) 
Menomonie, WI 54751 

Eau Claire County Job Center 
221 W. Madison Street 
Suite 140-A 
Eau Claire, WI 54703 


Resource Center: 

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Rapid Response Program

Dislocated Worker Program

Skills Training

Whether you are looking for CDL training, to become a nurse or welder, or to learn computer skills - West Central Works can help. Our team can serve as a career coach to help you determine what skills training is necessary to reach your goals. Then, we can subsidize the training cost and help you find employment. 

Unemployment Benefits (only better)

Unemployment benefits help, but they’re usually not enough to get by. We want to help you get into a promising career that will provide for your family. If skills training is the issue - we can get you trained. If childcare is the issue, we can help subsidize that, too. If you need a place to live so you can work - we have a solution for that as well. Let us help you remove barriers so you can return to work!

West Central Works Offers Hands-on Support

Customer service is our top priority. We make it easy to work with us - you don’t have to call knowing the exact solution in mind. We can do the work of figuring it out and coming up with the answer. Once we do, our team will handle the paperwork, so there’s no red tape, and you can get back to work quickly.