West Central Works Helps Workers & Businesses Succeed

We are here to serve you and improve your business and life by providing workforce solutions. We understand you and will do whatever we can to support the businesses and workers in our community.

How Can West Central Works Help Me?

Our job is to support you, and we do it by listening to the challenges you’re facing and then coming up with a solution that will help. Think of us as guidance counselors with access to federal grant money. We know what programs are available, whether we offer them or our partners, and how to access the funds to pay for them. Our inside knowledge makes our initial conversations with you incredibly valuable.

Here are examples of the types of solutions we provide:Business01

  • Subsidize specialized training for new equipment, modern upgrades, etc.
  • Upskill current workers so they can grow with the company.
  • Remove barriers to work, such as a lack of childcare.
  • Pay for college courses so people can finish their degree after a gap in schooling.
  • Set up apprenticeship programs.
  • Provide equipment necessary for remote work.
  • Subsidize salaries to make it easier for people without a lot of experience to be hired and trained on the job.