Hire New Employees with Help from West Central Works

West Central Works has a talented team of talent recruitment and training specialists ready to help your business hire new employees. West Central Works Job Centers provide low and no-cost talent development solutions. They can provide one-on-one help posting jobs, coordinating application collections and candidate screenings, administering pre-employment assessments, and coordinating onsite recruitment. We can also help your company to apply for hiring incentives and tax credits. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs so we can create a plan to assist you.

Talent Recruitment Opportunities

West Central Works can promote your business and current job openings by featuring them during quarterly regional meetings. With 50+ partners in attendance, who can amplify your message, there is ample opportunity to reach a wider workforce audience.

Through the Jobs Center of Wisconsin, you can post a job for free, view resumes, and attend recruitment events.

Wisconsin’s veterans are also an incredible source of talent. Veterans leave the military with highly desired, transferable skills, and nearly all military jobs have equivalent civilian jobs. The Department of Workforce Development helps you recruit qualified veterans to fill your job vacancies. Through the Job Center of Wisconsin, you can instantly connect with job-ready veterans and their families or work with the Office of Veteran Employment Services.

Establishing an Apprenticeship is also an excellent way to hire new workers. West Central Works has programs that can subsidize their training, or even salary, while they gain the skills necessary to contribute to your organization positively.

The WisConnect program can help you to recruit college interns. Our local education partners can also help with this effort.