Mary's Story

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2 Jun 2023


Mary enrolled into Workforce Resource Inc’s. Pathways and WAI Programs in Feb. 2023 from a Correctional Institution, an all-female facility. Mary has had to overcome some very significant obstacles in her life, that have made securing employment and stable housing difficult.

Through her participation in both programs, Mary has gained many different skills to ensure that she succeeds and overcomes past obstacles, as well as any new ones that come her way.

Mary has utilized the Pathways and WAI programs to help her obtain her driver license, other transportation needs, such as gas vouchers, clothing and has been given community resources to not only thrive, but to also strive for continued success.

Mary’s next obstacle to overcome is housing. Her participation in these two programs will ensure that she will have opportunities to help secure a stable apartment. Mary also has goals of exploring continuing education, by either attending a local University or Technical College, to gain training in a field that will help her reach her employment goals.  

Currently, Mary’s Career Planners will continue working with Mary to teach her the skills needed for job searching, securing employment, and keeping employment. Mary is proudly working at Perkins and cleaning apartments for her landlord as her first steps towards turning her life around. 

The Pathways Program will continue to work with Mary to make sure she continues to progress towards her goals and to support her through any continuing or new obstacles that may come up. This continued support leaves both Mary and her Career Planners confident that she will continue to be successful.