Sally's Story

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20 Nov 2022


Sally was enrolled in the WIOA IS Youth program and had just finished up her junior year at Neillsville High School. Sally was interested in exploring career options in housekeeping/janitorial fields. She did not have any work history and would benefit from a work experience to gain skills and references. WIOA set her up with work experience at Ashford Martin - Neillsville Retirement Community as a Program Assistant and did housekeeping/kitchen and life enrichment job duties. Sally needed scrubs for the position so WIOA purchased $105.33 of scrubs and shoes so Sally could work at the retirement community. While there, Sally thrived. She went from a very quiet, reserved teenager to happy and bubbly. Sally received excellent feedback from the agency director and was offered a position when the work experience was complete. She was hired on for $10.50/hour and worked 20 hours/week through her senior year of high school. While doing the work experience, Sally completed basic first aid for her educational component. On 5/28/22, Sally graduated from high school. She has decided that she is happy with her position at the Neillsville Retirement Community and is going to stay there for now. Sally knows that she has options to obtain her CNA or go into other healthcare fields in the future to grow with the company.