Support for Wisconsin Workforce Facing Layoffs

15 Jun 2023


West Central Works is helping businesses and workers who are facing layoffs here in West Central Wisconsin! Our Rapid Response Program was created specifically to help businesses and workers who are in this situation. The goal of this program is to reduce the number of layoffs, whenever possible, and to make it easier for laid-off workers to find new job opportunities. Our organization looks forward to helping you get back on your feet in the workplace!

West Central Works Helps with Those Facing Layoffs

Staff members from our organization can come to your business’s location and present resources, services, and job opportunity information to employees facing layoffs. The Rapid Response Program is a federally funded program available to businesses that qualify for these services. We are here to provide immediate assistance to businesses and workers who are facing layoffs. Click here to learn more about how our Rapid Response Program can help you recover and transition to a new job!