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WAI & WDA4 was able to help a homeless, unemployed mother of 5 children and guide her on a path to a career where she will be able to financially support her family. Together we worked with a leasing agent to get her an apartment within 2 weeks. WAI was able to assist with security deposit and rent to make that happen. The participant did not have a High School diploma, she is now scheduled for GED orientation. her classes begin this fall. Her long-term goal is to be a Spanish translator, discussed with her what I researched for education opportunities that also tie in with remote work; she will be pursing that career after GED tests. She has now obtained FT employment in which she starts in July. This employment is a steppingstone to what comes next for her career! Because WAI was able to step in , provide career counseling, assist with arranging for GED and researching translator certificates; this mom has a fantastic outlook. WAI was able to assist her with housing, transportation, education to date.

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